Workshop Persistent Identifiers in the Context of Open Science

On June 1, the National Center for Persistent Identifiers hosted a workshop on persistent identifiers and their importance in open science.

Persistent identifiers, because of their persistence and interoperability, are essential for the efficient exchange and sharing of information about people and objects and are a necessary component of FAIR data. The workshop explored the use of PIDs in the research cycle, providing participants with a detailed introduction to ORCID, the organization providing the ORCID iD person identifier, and DataCite, the registration agency that assigns the digital object identifier DOI. Examples of implementation of persistent identifiers from abroad were also shown.

The workshop was led in English by Helena Cousijn, Community Manager at DataCite, and Paloma Marín-Arraiza, Consortia Manager at ORCID.

A recording of the workshop is available in the Institutional Repository of the National Library of Technology.