National ORCID Centre 

The National ORCID Centre (NC ORCID) was established in the first half of 2023 to support the implementation and effective use of the persistent identifier ORCID iD in research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic.

The NC ORCID operates under the National Centre for Persistent Identifiers (PID Centre), which is part of the National Library of Technology (NTK).

NC ORCID services

NC ORCID provides your organisation with:

  1. coverage of ORCID fees from 2023-2028 from the CARDS project (NC ORCID reserves the right to change the level of support),
  2. access to the full features of the ORCID premium membership at a reduced fee – this is primarily the ability to use the integration of up to 5 different systems within a single institution (ORCID integration brings the ability to add and update information on ORCID profiles, when obtaining the consent of the ORCID iD owner), 
  3. the possibility to use the Affiliation Manager tool, which allows to easily add the affiliation of the respective organisation to the author profiles,
  4. priority administrative, technical and legal support from ORCID and NTK,
  5. a space to share experiences with the integration and use of ORCID in different systems.

Who can use the services of NC ORCID

NC ORCID services are targeted at higher education institutions, research organisations and research funding agencies that integrate ORCID iD into their systems and support the widespread and effective use of this persistent identifier by researchers in the country. 


Want to start using NC ORCID services? 

Read the information for interested parties and contact us at

Need to ask a question?

Other questions can be answered at

For NC ORCID members we have created a discussion channel on Discord, if you want to join, please contact us at

Basic NC ORCID documents, integration and Affiliation Manager tutorial, and webinar recordings can be found in the community materials.

List of NC ORCID members

InstitutionContact person
Brno University of TechnologyJan Skůpa: skupa(at)
CESNETHelmut Sverenyák: helmut.sverenyak(at)
Charles UniversityŽaneta Procházková: zaneta.prochazkova(at)
Czech Science FoundationFilip Edr: filip.edr(at)
Czech Technical University in PragueTereza Šorejsová: tereza.sorejsova(at)
Czech University of Life Sciences PragueHana Landová: hanalandova(at)
Masaryk UniversityMarika Hrubá: Hruba(at)
Mendel University in BrnoVěra Svobodová: vera.svobodova(at)
National Library of TechnologyHana Šmídová: orcid(at)
Palacký University OlomoucLukáš Walek: lukas.walek(at)
Prague University of Economics and BusinessVáclav Šubrta: subrta(at)
Technical University of LiberecMarkéta Jágrová Trykarová: marketa.trykarova(at)
Tomáš Baťa University in ZlínIvan Masár: imasar(at)
University of Chemistry and TechnologyMarie Odehnalová: Marie.Odehnalova(at)
University of Hradec KrálovéBarbora Kubátová: barbora.kubatova(at)
University of OstravaMartin Šigut: martin.sigut(at)
University of PardubiceVeronika Kolínová: veronika.kolinova(at)
University of South Bohemia in České BudějoviceLuděk Berec: prorektor-veda(at)
University of Veterinary Sciences BrnoKateřina Sekaninová: sekaninovak(at)
University of West BohemiaMiloslava Faitová: faitova(at)
VSB – Technical University of OstravaLenka Votýpková: lenka.votypkova(at)