Other PIDs


RAiD (Research Activity Identifier) is a persistent and globally unique identifier for research projects. RAiD is provided free of charge by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). 

RAiD helps to track who is involved in a project, who is funding it, what the outputs of the project are and what tools have been used. RAiD thus allows all information related to a research project to be gathered in one place.

RAiD is based on a handle system. The RAiD handle is assigned via the RAiD API using the ARDC Handle Service or via the RAiD User Dashboard

Like ORCID, RAiD includes a modifiable record and the ability to add or change content without having to version the ID itself. Each new entry is time-stamped. In addition, the source of the new information is captured, if available.

RAiD offers flexible openness management, while sensitive data can remain closed.

Metadata contains descriptive information about the project (e.g. grants, organizations, collaborators, articles, etc.). Metadata can also include other persistent identifiers – e.g. ORCID for researchers associated with the project, DOI for funding grants, ROR for research institutions. 

Used sources:
Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) [online]. Melbourne: ARDC, 2022 [cit. 2023-08-08]. Available at: https://www.raid.org.au/

Information on other persistent identifiers will be added over time.

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