Information for those interested in using NC ORCID services

Would you like to start using the services of the National ORCID Centre? If so, there are a few steps to take:

  1. Explore how ORCID as a personal identifier is widespread in your institution.
  2.  Think about which systems you want to integrate ORCID into. ORCID’s webinar and integration materials can help you. We encourage you to view recordings of other webinars for ORCID members.
  3.  Identify a main contact – i.e. a person with whom all ORCID-related issues at your institution can be communicated and relied upon to respond.
  4.  Identify a technical contact – i.e. the person who will be responsible for ORCID integration and act as the main contact for any technical queries from ORCID.
  5.  Let us know your interest at

What happens next?

You can start using the services of the National ORCID Centre on two dates per calendar year – one of which is always 1 June, the other will be announced well in advance.  We will agree on the date your institution wants to start using NC ORCID services. On that date, your institution and NTK will sign the ORCID Services Agreement.

When you have NC ORCID services available:

  • Prepare a communication campaign to promote the use of ORCID at your institution. Promotional materials from ORCID can help.
  • Start working on integrating ORCID into your systems.
  • Share the materials you create for your institution on the use of ORCID with NTK or other users of NC ORCID services.

NTK holds regular meetings for users of NC ORCID services to share their experiences of using ORCID and to share good practice.