DataCite & ARDC Partnership for RAiD Service

DataCite and ARDC (Australian Research Data Commons) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to deliver RAiD (Research Activity Identifier), a service and system to identify and track research projects and activities. The DataCite–ARDC partnership is a pivotal step in providing a fast, robust, high quality, and reliable RAiD service for researchers that will be sustained over the long term. RAiD is an ISO standard (23527) with ARDC as the global RAiD ISO Registration Authority. RAiD is expanding internationally and later this year will be incorporated into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). 

RAiDs are issued by RAiD Registration Agencies (RAs) appointed by ARDC (as the ISO RAiD Registration Authority). Each RAiD RA operates an instance of the RAiD service for a particular region or constituency. RAiD registration agencies will assign RAiD identifiers through DataCite services as a specific type of DOI for projects, under the same registration procedure and fee model as for other types of DOIs.

The partnership between RAiD and DataCite offers several benefits, including standardized landing pages in line with RAiD’s existing setup, support for unique identifier structures using “10.XXXXX” prefixes, and the option for RAiD to participate in DOI-related policies via ARDC as a DOI Foundation General Member. Additionally, DataCite’s infrastructure ensures scalability, cost-efficiency for individual RAiD Registration Agencies, alignment with RAiD’s aspirations, simplified integration into the PID ecosystem, and a straightforward transition for existing projects with DataCite DOIs to become RAiDs.

You can read more at the DataCite website